The Backstory

Welcome to the Land of the Infinite, the story of two embodied souls’ journey back to the land, to love, and to the sacred.

My husband (Mark) and I (Lisa) are on a life-long quest to make room for the Spirit, for the thriving of souls, and for a harmonious relationship with our fellow creatures (from rivers to turkeys!) in our lives, community, and culture. The daily drama of this life plays out on a humble 10.3 (Mark never leaves out the ‘point 3’) acres in eastern Vermont.

View from our front porch, October 2017

To some lookers-on, drama may be a bit of an exaggeration. Listening to barred owls calling back and forth in literal surround sound while drifting off to sleep or relishing in the exquisite and short-lived sparkle of the field at morning frost doesn’t quicken the heart for everyone. And if I’m going to be honest, which I intend to be, my soul doesn’t always sing in response to these gifts either. Sometimes it does. But often it doesn’t. Sometimes all I can see are the inconveniences of this life we’ve chosen – walking up the hill to our yurt in the rain, in the dark, with an armful of groceries, with menstrual cramps does not always evoke a grateful heart. At least, not yet.

The premise on which we are building our lives (and what this blog is about) is simple. Infinite joy awaits us in each moment of our lives – even the crampy, tired, and wet moments. When peace and contentedness is not our experience it is not because of an external reality (as we have been so effectively trained to believe), but an internal perception. Infinite love, infinite wonder, and infinite joy rest in each moment – we just can’t see it. We are blind.

We have chosen three trustworthy practices to help us recover our sight – intimacy with the natural world, committed and vocational marriage, and relationship with the Divine Source of Life. It’s incredible to witness how these pathways faithfully challenge our egos, refine our desires and priorities, and bit by bit invite us into greater freedom. It’s hard. It’s beautiful. It’s totally worth it.

What is that you want – those of you seeking perfection? Give your desires free reign, setting absolutely no limits, no boundaries to them. Listen to me: let your hearts demand the infinite, for I can tell you how to fill them. There is never one moment in which I cannot show you how to find whatever you desire. The present moment is always overflowing with immeasurable riches, far more than you are able to hold. Your faith will measure it out to you: as you believe, so you will receive. Love, too, is also a measure. The more you love the more you will want and the more you will get.

– Jean-Pierre de Caussade, The Sacrament of the Present Moment

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