The Return

Step away from your screen

Long enough to see

To notice

The enchanting worlds

At your feet

Moss, grasses, cracks in the sidewalk


We share this earth


Step away from the news

Long enough to dream

                                To imagine

A world where there’s enough

A world

Where all funding is cut

And we have

Everything we need


Step away from your point

Long enough to breathe

                                To feel

Your chest rise

And fall

The air, dry, in your nose

Each in

Each out proclaiming you’re alive


Step away from the mirror

Long enough to look

                                At one

Who has been where you are

Our society

Praises youth over age

But ask

Where have the elders gone?


Step away and be still

And know God is here

                                And know

You are loved

For to act

In any other way

Is to work

For the one whom you fight


Step away and listen

Long enough to hear

                                The earth

She has words for us

She longs

To teach us the new, old way

And again

We will dwell

In the land of the infinite


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