Instant Spring – Just Add Sun

Spring has finally reached the hills of Vermont! Without warning – but with much anticipation – the sun melted winter’s final white dusting and called forth the dormant seeds and trees. Our 314 square feet of living space has expanded (literally) overnight to 10.3 acres of space to romp, work, & rest. Spring ephemerals, trees, & so, so many birds are finally awake! Spring has come!

Here’s a taste of spring on our hill:

Colt’s Foot
Trout Lily
Spring Beauty
Spring Beauty soaking up the sun!
My current favorite place to visit – I call this stump our fairy castle!
A Maple Seedling!
A slightly more mature maple waking up
One daffodil of THOUSANDS on our property – pure gift from the previous steward of the land!
Rushing streams cannot be captured in a photo – the sound, the coolness, the smell of earth and water waking up!
Perhaps my favorite sign of spring – bare feet! ❤
Oh and this – the morning of April 30th taken two days before all the other photos in this post. Oh what a little sun can do!

I hope your spirit is waking up to and with all the signs of spring wherever you are!

It’s so easy to notice beauty this time of year. My spring prayer is that my eyes and heart remain attentive to the tiny signs of hope and life all the year through!

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